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About Us

Young Big AlAfter being born at a young age, Big Al embarked on a wondrous journey of adventure and discovery. After a few minutes of this things went quickly downhill. His youth spent scattering beans in his path resulted in many strange looks and not a few snickers from local townsfolk. Plus the cost of beans was beginning to eat into his baseball card money. A brief attempt at petty crime at this point left deep emotional scars and a lifelong desire to avoid jail time. Resuming a relatively normal childhood, Big Al started to develop his twisted sense of humor that was to become his trademark™.

Big Al Riding bike with t-shirt onOnce out of school and sober enough to notice, Big Al began adulthood slogging to work every day, day after day, with all the other poor souls forced to work to survive. Not being a type A personality, he nonetheless made decent progress up the ladder of success. However, a desire to have a life outside work, and lacking in the Machiavellian skills needed to succeed in the corporate world led to exploring other avenues to success. Of course the defenestration of a co-worker may have had some small part in the decision to explore those avenues. It must be said that his twisted sense of humor was further developed in the harsh crucible of corporate life. His pursuit of an actual life, led to the re-discovery of a strange contraption called a bicycle. New bikes, far more advanced than the bikes of his youth, beckoned him to pursue the masochistic joys of riding a bicycle fast and a great distance. Of course they were also handy to find the occasional quiet field to enjoy the finer vintages of wine, food and pleasant company. While thus enjoying himself, Big Al further developed his offbeat sense of humor that has made him what he is today.

Big Al's T-ShirtOne day, while plotting and scheming, the idea came to him. T-Shirts, not just any t-shirts mind you, but ones with funny slogans and quotes on them. In this world of sound and video bites, with the resultant attention deficit disorders, what could be a better way to get actual words in front of people before they wander off muttering? Thus Big Al's T-Shirt Emporium and Trout Farm was born. Our crack design staff began creating the humorous and offbeat t-shirt slogans found in our online store. Work began on our shiny new web site and renovations were started on the dilapidated barn that would one day be our production facility.

Big Al's T-Shirt EmporiumIf you have managed to make it this far, thank you, you have shown amazing perseverance and lack of a life. I commend you on your time wasting abilities. However, the sole purpose of this site is to have you Start Shopping! So go ahead already, what are you waiting for? Don't waste another minute when you could be buying t-shirts that will be the envy of your friends.